GMTM : Ice Breaker Speech

회사에서 몇몇 마음 맞는 사람들끼리 모여서 Toastmasters 모임을 하려고 하고 있습니다. 어쩌다 보니 떠밀려서(?) 첫번째 스피치를 하게 되었네요. 스피치 하려고 하는 모임이니까 떠밀려서 한다는 말이 조금 웃기긴 하지만, 어쩐지 다들 안하려고 하는 분위기이고 해서. ^-^a

평범한 Toastmasters의 첫 speech 답게 ‘Ice breaker speech’를 준비!

*I’m not an English native speaker, so bear with my unlimited possibilities of errors.


My weird hobbies

Good afternoon, fellow toastmasters.

I’m pretty excited to be here opening a great new start of GM Toastmasters in 2014 by my very first speech. I strongly believe that we all have big potentials to make this event great and make ourselves improved even further than we can imagine right now. Let’s be believers and make it happen.

Today, I’d like to talk about myself as the typical ‘ice breaker speech’ should be. But rather than boring stuff such as where I was born or which school I went to, I brought some fun and rather weird stuff that is hopefully not going to make you yawn.

We get to ask and get asked a lot something like this.

“What is your hobby? What do you do in your spare time?”

It can be the time of an awkward moment at a blind date, or it can be a ice breaking speech at any toastmaster. Sometimes you don’t really care what the answer is, so we might even want to call it a soul-less question. However, I do like this question, because this simple question can tell a lot of things about who I am.

I like learning languages. This sounds quite normal in this way. But if I say “My hobby is learning foreign languages”, it often gets a look. I know the look. Saying ‘What are you, a bighead?’ I wasn’t like that when I was a little and even when I was in college, which is not that long ago. I clearly remember how much I hated the English presentation that I had to deliver at a Dynamic engineering class, which was a complete disastor.

It’s all started with.. not big bang, but CSI. It was 2002. I remember this trivia because I started watching it because Guss Hiddink was on that show. Well, not him actually on the show, but someone very looking alike him. Starting from there, watching American tv shows became a part of my life. Once I have spent non-stop 20 hours to watch one whole series. This is do-able only in your early 20s. It was not a mean to study the language at the beginning, but it slowly lead me to the path.

After I found out my interest in languages, I have spent a great deal of time to learn English, of course, Japanese, Chinese and Spanish. I wouldn’t say that I’m fluent in any of those languages, but I just enjoy each step of learning a new thing at a time. Maybe it IS weird.

My second weird hobby is about books. If a survey about ‘hobbies Koreans enjoy the most’ took place, number 1 hobby would be most likely to be reading, if not watching TV or sleeping. Reading is such a versitile hobby. It’s easy to do, and it makes you look intelligent, at least doesn’t make you look dumb. It doesn’t cost you much and it’s actually quite fun.

So what is so weird about doing something with books? I LOVE buying books. I used to love going to a bookstore and spending time while waiting for friends who seem to always have either stuck in a bad traffic or ran into any kind of trouble. I sometimes prefer my friends arriving late. The problem is I always ended up unexpectedly buying books. Not a book, usually a couple of books at a time. So many books are lying there and crying out to pick them up, and most of the time I couldn’t resist. Even when I know that I have dozens of books unread on my bookshelves at home, I bought again, and again, and again.

In the smartphone era, it is said that now less and less people are reading books. I’m sorry. Not true for me. My shopping area has been expanded onto internet. Unlimited options are in front of my eyes. I used to be worried about the space my books occupying, how heavy it’s going to be when I have to move. Not any more!

I’m not saying that I just buy and abandon them. I read them too. Time to time. Just not as passionate as the buying part.

Now about the last hobby you might find it wierd. I love the sense of beginning. People love planning, and sometimes fail to execute the plan. But I love executing my plan. If a seemingly fun idea gets into my head, I do it right away. Sometimes too quickly without any consideration. I want to buy things? I order after 10 minutes research. I want to learn something? I google and start reading everything that I can find. I want to excercise? (Oh, wait, this doens’t sound like me.) I go register the gym next day. I want to make a project? I instantly start recruting people through facebook or twitter.

This could be a bad habbit. Especially considering the fact that my success rate is almost zero. But I’m an optimist. It’s always better failing than doing nothing.

Me joining GM Toastmasters can be categorized in the third one, an impulsive habbit. I might be going to fail, again. But maybe not. I’m curious how it will turn out to be, and I hope you have some fun witnessing it with me.

Thanks you very much.


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